Welcome to the Kansas City Bear Mafia!

The KC Bear Mafia was started in 2009 as a way to get bears in Kansas City together for fun and good times.  Since then we’ve formed an Official side to the Bear Mafia in order to have a greater opportunity to build and bring better resources for the bears and our allies in the Kansas City metro area.

We seek to create a group that does not require dues from its members and for which there is no physical requirement.

If you think you’re a bear, or you just like hanging around bears, this is the place for you! Everyone is welcome to join regardless of age, gender, body type or sexual orientation. While some events may be age restricted there are many that are not.

The official side of the Bear Mafia is broken up into committees instead of the traditional president/vice president/secretary roles. All decisions are voted on equally. Please contact one of our committee leaders to learn more and get involved:


Events Committee Leader: Currently Vacant
Finance Committee Leader: Currently Vacant
Fundraising Committee Leader: Currently Vacant
Marketing and Community Relations Leader: Dustin Smith
Technology Committee Leader: Brandon Wilcox