Grant Process


October 20, 2019 — The administrative committee for the Kansas City Bear Mafia is pleased to open our grant process for our 2019 to 2020 year.

Letters of Inquiry will be accepted from qualified organizations until December 31, 2019.

In order to be eligible for consideration for grant funds, there are several requirements.

  1. The organization must have an established and current operating 501c3 status.
  2. The organization must be impacting the Greater Kansas City area Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Ally (LGBTQA) community, unless otherwise specified or invited by a Kansas City Bear Mafia Committee Chairman to apply.
  3. The organization must show leadership with its staff as seen in the results of programs or the success of the overall organization’s mission.
  4. The organization must apply through our Letter of Inquiry process.
  5. The organization must provide sound financials (either audited or balance sheets) upon request.
  6. The organization must provide a list of its established board members and make a statement as to the active nature of their board members upon request.

We encourage organizations of any size meeting these requirements to apply using a Letter of Inquiry. Please see the “2019 – 2020 Requests for Letters of Inquiry” document for our recommended format and requirements.



If the applicant does not have 501c3 status, operates outside of the Kansas City area or is requesting funds for a special event, the applicant will not be allowed to complete an application.


Download 2019-2020 Grant Process

Download 2019 – 2020 Requests for Letters of Inquiry